Saturday, 26 March 2011

March 26th. Bad day at the office!

Saturday morning saw me bombing over to Canvey Island in the Rally car to get some paint made up for it. After it's recent panel work, it was time to paint it and get it looking presentable again. My good mate Paul kindly volunteered to spray it for me, so I picked him up on the way back and then listened to him moan about having to wear a seat harness rather than a normal seat belt! Lol! (I forgot he'd never been in the Rally car before!) I had to make him his usual ultra strong cup of tea back at mine while he masked up the car. 
The spraying started well, until it became evident that the colour wasn't an exact match. I had taken the swatches (colour matching charts) outside to the car at Canvey and got an exact match. So I can only assume that the guy mixing it didn't get quite right. It's bloody annoying because I only had this Saturday to do it before the Historic Counties Rally next Saturday. I'm praying for rain now at some point this week, so I can go out and get it splattered in mud, so the mis-match wont be so obvious!

Yellow Car

I was sent some more pics from Norfolk today. My baby is solid again and almost ready for MOT. This has just had any old paint thrown on it for now to stop the damp getting into the primer. The search is now on for two front doors and a boot lid before a full respray is commissioned.
Paul and I are going to collect it tomorrow, but not before delivering another one on route! Watch this space!!!! . 

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