Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wednesday 7th August. More disection

I finished work at a reasonable hour tonight, so I decided to do a bit more on the ‘Gertie improvement programme’. (Lots more new parts and shiny bits to come over the next few months!-Watch this space!)
The first job however, was to readjust the valve clearances on the Red car. (See? I didn’t call it a shed!) Looking closely at the valves and rockers I spotted what turned out to be a broken washer. Luckily it hadn’t broken small enough to drop into one of the cam followers or anywhere else so I was relieved about that.
With the tappets quickly done I refitted the rocker cover and turned my attention to Gertie.
When I removed the nearside rear subframe yesterday I remembered that the exhaust bracket was broken. Mk1 subframes are becoming rare now, but I’ve managed to source a Mk2 pair with the better exhaust mounting.
I then decided to remove the other side too. The subframe bolt on this side was a real pig to undo because it was seized solid and I ended up cutting the damn thing off with an angle grinder.
Now that both subframes were removed I then removed the propshaft and the quill shaft. I was going to send the propshaft away to be checked for balancing. The reason for this was because the car gets a vibration that starts at 70mph and gets progressively worse. However, close inspection of the quill shaft revealed a somewhat knackered bearing. Spinning it manually showed that it doesn’t rotate freely at all. I’m quite convinced that this will be the cause of my vibration. Lets hope so. Now that Gertie is high in the air with more or less no back axle in her I need to get this welding done as I can't put it back together until it is.  I also found more welding that needs doing on the handbrake mounting, but this doesn’t look too serious.

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