Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Saturday 10th August. Windscreen Removal

Saturday morning saw an early start and a drive up to Colin Wake's place in Suffolk. More parts were being collected for Gertie and Colin also showed me how to remove the bearing from the quill shaft on my differential.
Although the bearing seemed fine, Colin agreed with me that there was a lot of resonance going through the casing when the shaft was in motion. Possibly caused by a bent quill shaft.
Once home the next plan was to remove the front windscreen from the Red car and inspect the metalwork behind it. I had taken her to the drivers meet for the 10 countries rally the Monday previous in the torrential downpours.
To say that she leaked was an understatement. I had never driven this car in the rain and I couldn't believe how much water was pouring in! I only needed a few rocks and some plants and I'd have had an in car water feature!
When I arrived at the Plough I looked like I'd been standing in two buckets of water much to everyone's amusement.
Following this I had arranged for somebody to come to my work place the following Monday to fit a new windscreen rubber, but with the leak being so bad I was worried that the metal behind the windscreen was rotten and they wouldn't be able to refit it once they had taken it out. So we took the screen out Saturday afternoon so we could cancel them if we needed to. Luckily, the metal behind the screen was like brand new so it was put back in, secured with gaffa tape and left ready for the new rubber.

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