Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tuesday 6th August. I've broken Gertie. :(

I needed to do some investigation work today as I noticed a couple of things not quite right with Gertie when I was hacking....I mean driving her sensibly at the weekend.
The first thing was a strange banging noise underneath while accelerating hard. I had witnessed this noise in the estate before and it turned out to be a broken gearbox mount. So, obviously this was the first thing I looked and sure enough it was just that problem. Luckily I had one in the spares box, so it was dusted off and promptly fitted.
The next investigation was the nearside rear wheel. For some time now I had noticed that the nearside rear wheel had more negative camber than the offside. They both have anyway due to the lowered springs, but they should both be at the same angle.
Anyway, close perusal of the rear suspension bush mounting made me remove the back part of the exhaust, the driveshaft, spring, trailing arm and finally, the differential arm. What I found there didn't please me I have to say. It looks like a poor repair has been made there at some time in the past and the floor is now cracked and split and possibly being pushed up further than it should. Hence the negative camber. More welding and fabrication work required then!


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