Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturday 31st August. not much done but lots of visitors!

Well today was the day I had been dreading. The only way to replace the seriously worn diff pin was to cut into the box section under the fuel tank, then grind the head of the pin off and then also cut the weld also holding the pin from underneath the car too.
I had to break off at lunch time to go and collect the buyer of the Red Shed. I know this will come as a shock after all of the hard work I've done on the car, but I'm also looking to move house soon too and finding somewhere to garage three cars would be very unlikely, so one had to go. Gertie is without doubt my favourite with the estate a close second, so the red car it was on the for sale list.
The new buyer was very happy with her (I'll let him reveal his identity if he wants to) and while he was there Lee Godfrey and Dave Harvey called in for a cuppa as they were also in the area looking at a MK2 saloon.
Gavin arrived shortly after and started helping me remove the diff pin. The bit I hated was having to cut into the rear box section to access the pin. This will have to be welded up again when the new pin is fitted.
With this done we then had to try and get into the above hole with a grinder to try and cut the two welds holding the head of the pin onto the metal work. This was easier said than done but we eventually broke it free. We then cut the pin off from underneath and then ground the metal back until the weld had disappeared. We were then able to punch what was left of the pin out of the hole.
Once the pin was removed it was quite alarming how much of it had worn away. It also made me wonder how many other big saloons are driving round in this condition without the owners realising it. The new pin is now sitting in place but proper fitment will have to wait until a new gun for my welder arrives. I also have the 10CR to contend with shortly, so I doubt much will be done now until I return.

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