Thursday, 7 March 2013

Thursday 7th March-The Red Shed

What with having to hurriedly strip the Red Shed of trim last Saturday and going to Stoneleigh last Sunday, I've Not really had time to update the blog lately, so here's a quick preview of whats going on.
A mate of mine rang me last Friday to say that he suddenly had workshop space available to take the Red Shed in. So Friday night was spent in the garage removing the front and rear bumpers and tow bar. Saturday was then spent carefully removing other parts of the trim.
Today I took a drive over there to see how he was getting on with it. The nearside rear quarter was the worst part (which I knew) and needed some serious work. In fact he gave me a carrier bag with the remainder of my wheel arch and a huge piece of filler that was in it!

Overall, I was pleased with the work he's done. The dent in the nose cone has been pulled out and the lower front valance has had the filler removed and new metal welded in. Some of the paint on the wings was so bad that he has taken them down to bare metal to get a good finish.

While I was over there he opened the boot to show me something else that he had found stuffed inside the rear wing 'repair'. As you'll see below it was a Sunblest Bread bag! Now I can't even remember the last time I saw Sunblest bread on the shelves!
The other Bread bag in there made me do a bit of research too. It's marked up as Hillards. I've found some info online as to who Hillards were........
Hillards was founded by John Wesley Hillard in 1885 in the West Yorkshire town of Cleckheaton. The first shop was opened in Lion Chambers there and shortly after 1900 there were 20 shops operating as Lion Stores. By 1951 there were over 70 stores and by 1968 it had warehouse size stores in Wakefield, Lincoln and York In 1970 the trade name Lion Stores was dropped in favour of Hillards and in 1972 the Company was first listed on the London Stock Exchange Peter Hartley, a grandson of the founder, became Executive Chairman in 1983 and in May 1987, following a hostile bid, the business was acquired by Tesco for £220m.
I also managed to find a pic of one of their stores.
So, going by the information above, I'm guessing the car spent some part of it's life in the North of England. For some reason the truck in the above picture made me think of the old co-op advert punch line:  It's all at the co-op........NOW!  I really should get out more!

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