Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tuesday 26th Feb- Fuel sender repair.

One of the things I had noticed on Saturday while taking the Red Shed for Mot was the low fuel warning light being on and the gauge reading nearly empty.  I know we had drained all of the old fuel out of it, but had also added about three gallons since then, so the gauge should have been showing something at least.
I was pretty sure the problem would be a stuck float in the sender unit in the tank, so with this in mind I set about removing it. (Best to do it while the fuel level is low too.)
With the sender unit and float removed it was discovered that sure enough, the float was stuck. A bit of spraying with some carb cleaner ( I couldn't find the WD40!) and some cleaning up and the float was working on its pivot freely again.

I refitted the sender unit and connected the wires back up. I then turned the ignition on to find that the low fuel warning light had gone out and the gauge slowly climbed up to a quarter of a tank. Perfect!
I love these easy jobs that take no more than an hour. Wish I had more of them!
I also had one of my van drivers at work today call in at the Chelmsford Vehicle Registration office so he could collect my free tax disc and change the classification on the V5 to 'Historic Vehicle'. It has been off of the road for so long that this had never been done.

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