Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tuesday 12th March. A moment of concern.

The Red Shed has now been collected and is residing back in my garage waiting to be refitted with her trim. But more of that another time.
The focus at the moment is Gertie's trip to Holland this weekend. After discovering that the heater wasn't particularly good on the trip to Stoneleigh, I had decided to try a few experiments. First of all the heater matrix was disconnected at the hoses and blasted out both ways with a hose pipe. Quite a bit of brown murky water came out before turning clean, so there was obviously some crap in there. Then I poured some caustic soda in there and left it for 30 minutes. While waiting for that to do its stuff I fitted a hotter thermostat. Hopefully the car should get a bit of heat in it now. Hopefully!
While looking over the car I found something I didn't particularly want to find. A broken engine mount!
Luckily, I managed to find one in my spares box, (My last one!) so after jacking the sump up on a piece of wood I managed to squeeze the new one in place and get it fitted. Actually, it's a second hand one but it's probably better than the rubbish being produced by certain manufacturers at the moment.
The old one (six months old actually) was quite easy to get out as it had completely broken in two! Lucky I spotted it before the weekend.

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  1. Chris Witor for engine mounts -his seem to last the longest