Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday 9th March-Time for Gertie.

With the Dutch rally coming up next weekend I felt it was time to sort out the exhaust damage that I did to Gertie on the Chelmsford Motor Club rally a few weeks back. I think we did it when we ventured up a 'road' that we shouldn't have done.
It turns out I brought a nice clump of Suffolk mud and grass home with me as well!
Initially I thought that the rattling noise I was hearing was coming from the front of the exhaust, but investigations revealed that the issue was actually where the exhaust goes through the rear cross member. The nearside cross member is supposed to have two 'forks' coming off of it so that a clamp can be attached to it which then holds the exhaust up so it can pass through the hole centrally. Well one of my 'forks' was missing when I bought the car, so I made up a temporary bracket instead. My temporary bracket had done well to last two and a half years, but it was now deceased!

The next best option was to make up a new bracket that was up to the job. By now Gavin had arrived and demonstrated some of his metal work skills by designing a new mount. I have to say, I was impressed and the new piece looks very good and seems to hold the exhaust in the correct place. Unfortunately, I didn't get time to take it for a test drive as my MK2 estate was due at the MOT station at 4pm. I'm pleased to say she passed as well.

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