Monday, 4 February 2013

Sat/Sun 2nd & 3rd Feb. One step forward.......

Saturday morning started off with a cold wind howling round the garage and making me wish I didn't have so much to do. However, I persuaded myself to go and get stuck in as the Red Shed isn't that far away from MOT now. (Or so I thought!)
Gavin came round to finish off the welding, so I carried on with the last few electrical jobs required. I managed to get the horn (Ooh her missus!) working and after swapping a washer motor and after unblocking the hoses and jets, I got the washers working too.
When Gavin had finished the welding, I stopped what I was doing so we could have another go at fitting the exhaust. After much faffing about underneath, and then looking at pictures for reference, we then realised that we had a manual downpipe and and an auto centre section! So the two were never going to fit anyway! Bloody Balls! So I now have to find either an auto down pipe or a manual centre section. very annoying as this is now the only thing holding up the Mot now.
Gavin made tracks after the exhaust fail, but I braved the cold a bit more and fitted another pair of rear shocks and put the centre console back in.
Sunday morning I carried on with some more small jobs and wired up the overdrive as well. This seems to be working, (I.e. the solenoid clicks in when it should) but a test drive will tell if it does or not.
Whilst finishing this off Dave Maton arrived with his long ladders as the plan for the day was to clean out my blocked gutters on my house. This only took a couple of hours, so once this was done we were able to start on the outstanding task of fitting a Brantz International pro2 trip meter in Gertie. With the amount of rallies that I now do this is an essential bit of kit. Plus, it will come in very handy on the Dutch night rallies too. Seeing as we have one of these coming up in 5 weeks, it made sense to get it fitted.

The first thing to do was to find somewhere to mount it. Seeing as the dashboard clock has never worked we made the decision to remove the clock and mount it there. This will also allow us to still use the ash tray, (For fuel receipts and small euro coinage) and the glove box. (For all kinds of other crap!)
The speedo cable was next as it has to be partly removed to fit the sensor. The appropriate wiring was then connected and powering up commenced to reveal all was working as it should.
A test drive then took place for calibration purposes and we are close to being spot on. A few more tests when I have more time at the weekend should finalise it.

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