Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sat 23rd Feb. Another one on the road!

Waking up still knackered on a Saturday morning is never a good thing. Especially when you have to be at a work training course at 08.30.
The night before had been the Chelmsford Motor Club 12 car navigational rally. Darren Armitage kindly offered his services as navigator for the event and we did well enough to finish in fourth place. (Thank you Darren) :)
I eventually got home around half past midnight after taking two lads home who had had to abandon their MGB GT on the route with fuel pump problems. (Two MGB's broke down actually, both with the same problem.)
The work training course kept me away from the garage until 1pm when Gavin came round and then a quick inspection of the Red Shed revealed that one of the carbs was overflowing petrol! A quick removal of the carb and another clean up of a needle valve and all was well again. A test drive led us to believe that the timing was pretty much spot on and other than a slightly sticky throttle, the beast was performing well.
MOT time arrived and soon the car was up on the ramp and being thoroughly inspected. Despite the fact she has been parked up and not moved for 24 years (1989) she sailed through with no advisories.
Now I have the Mot I can send off all the necessary documents and have the taxation class changed to 'Historic Vehicle' so I can claim my free road tax. This car was heading to be scrapped before I bought it, so it's nice to be able to keep another one of these great cars on the road.

The Red Shed after being nicely washed before Mot.
(Although getting the green moss of the bootlid knackered my sponge!)

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