Tuesday, 8 February 2011

January 29th 2011- Green is alive again!

Friday 28th January saw the arrival of the new butterflies for the SU Carburettors, and so I started to fit them when I got home from work. It was a bloody cold evening anyway and the gas bottle suddenly running out and therefore the space heater no longer working resulted in me freezing half to death as I stayed out there as I wanted to get the car finished so I could test drive it Saturday morning.
I did indeed get it finished, and as soon as I had I jumped into a hot shower so I could get my skin back to the pinkish colour it should be rather than the icy blue it had turned.
The test drive was over to Benfleet to get some more gas for the space heater and turned out to be very successful! No more sticking throttle issues! Yay!!
Saturday afternoon was spent having a massive clear out of my garage and by tea time I had a lot more room to work in and an estate car full up with junk and general shite! Another test drive to the tip Sunday morning then!
I started late on the Sunday on the grounds of sheer laziness (and the thought of going out in the cold again) so all I managed to do was go to the tip and fit a new weather strip on the off side rear door of the estate. This turned out to be one hell of a poxy job that ended up taking three hours!
So much for not wanting to be out in the cold for long!

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