Monday, 24 January 2011

January 22nd 2011. Carburettor removal on Green!

I've been having trouble with Green, my Triumph Mk2 estate. When driving it and changing gear, the revs don't seem to drop off when you lift your foot off the gas. It gives the impression that the throttle is sticking,  but it isn't!
I recently took it up to a Triumph specialist whom I hoped would cure the problem. They didn't. Even worse, was that it broke down on the way home from there! Admittedly, it wasn't their fault-it was just coincidence that the electronic ignition chose that precise moment to go on strike and leave me stranded across a junction on a main road! Co driver Dave was press ganged into car recovery with his other half's car, (he can't tow with his one as its company owned) and after towing me home we arrived at mine at 1am in the morning. (Not impressed!)
Friday night after work saw the offending electronic ignition removed and the distributor converted back to points and condenser. This also meant the ignition timing having to be reset yet again! Once the car was running again adjustments were made to the carburettors and a test drive proved that the issues was still there. Further work on the car was put to one side as the Saturday saw me having to prep and check the rally car for the forthcoming 'Essex Winter Rally' on Sunday the 16th. (See post below)
The following weekend (22nd & 23rd) saw me continuing with the examination of the throttle issues. A compression test revealed that there was no issues with inlet valves not seating properly,  (as had been suggested)  so the carbs were stripped down and some new butterflies ordered. The original butterflies had poppet valves fitted in them and apparently the springs on the valves go weak. Solid butterfly replacements are the way to go according to many, so hopefully this will resolve the problem.
While I had some time to kill, I also replaced the chrome trim on the nearside rear door, changed the gearstick for a longer type one, found the 'wobbly' steering wheel issue, and did the job that I had been putting off for months, fitting a new heater cable! I'd been putting it off because it means taking on the role of a contortionist and cramming myself into the drivers side foot well in order to get to it! I even got the job done with a least a couple of parts of my body not aching! 

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