Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Saturday 5th February- One step forward, several steps back!

Saturday morning saw me deciding to cut off the bottom of the front wings on 'Yellow' to see what was behind them. The answer turned out to be 'not a freakin lot!' The car is still worth saving but is now well beyond my skill level. So, it will now be delivered up to a friends house in Norfolk where he will take over what I've done so far and get the car up to MOT standard and solid again.
I'll need to get some brakes sorted out on it first, otherwise he'll drive it into his garage and come straight out the other side! He wont like that!
At least with this being done by him, I now know that it will speed up the progress tenfold (he has more spare time than me!) and this car should now be ready for the 'ten counties in five days' rally in September. Who Knows, it may even be ready for the Scottish Highlands rally in June? Here's hoping!

With this car now put to one side, I concentrated on the rally car. The MOT is due in three weeks time and I know that I needed to repair a small hole in the floor and an out rigger. Funny how these jobs aways sound easy and simple, but always turn into bigger things once once started.
First job was to cut the out rigger off. This was no problem and I found that once I started scraping off all the underseal, the out rigger was like Swiss cheese anyway! I continued to cut this piece off and then found.....you guessed it! More holes! It wasn't too bad actually, just one in the side of the chassis rail and one across the floor pan.
Looks like a week of cutting, grinding and preparing, before welding commences at the weekend! Oh deep joy! I love old cars!

How many layers can you see? How many times had this been plated??????

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