Monday, 28 May 2012

May 27th. Planned and unplanned jobs!

Since last Thursday night Gertie has been off the road again. A new 6-3-1 manifold was ordered only to find that when it arrived it was the wrong one! So while waiting for the right one to arrive, I decided to get on with a few jobs outstanding on the estate. I had to make up a bracket for the oil cooler and fit electronic ignition.
These were the planned jobs. The unplanned job came from going out into the garage and finding a pool of oil underneath the diff!
With it being very touch and go on Gertie being ready for the Scottish rally this weekend, because she still isn't running right, I'm trying to keep the estate as a viable back up car. Obviously a leaking diff would not be a good thing while covering over a thousand miles!

Luckily I had a spare diff oil seal in stock, so the car was raised in the air and the job was started. This is never a nice job to do anyway and with the weather being so hot and me wearing overalls as well, it was sweltering in the garage. I must have lost about five pints of water in sweat!  Anyway, a few hours later, the diff was back together and the rear of the car all reassembled.

The next job on the list was the electronic ignition. This is a relatively easy job and didn't take long. I've put the old points and condensor set up in the glove box as I've had one of these igntion modules fail before. (halfway across a junction at 11.30 at night!) With the module fitted, the timing was readjusted and the car was runnning as it should.

With it still only being 4pm, I decided to carry on as per previous plan and make up a bracket to mount the oil cooler. This was mounted in front of the radiator, but low enough for the slots in the front valance to get to it. I still need to get some longer pipes made up, but's it's a five minute job to fit them, so I'll do them later in the week. 

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