Friday, 11 May 2012

May 11th - And then there were two!

A bright sunny Friday morning started with a six o'clock coffee while I awaited the arrival of a fellow CT club member. (I wont reveal his identity-I'll let him do that if he chooses to)
The reason for his visit was to purchase my other Mk1 saloon, the Yellow Peril. I had been considering selling it for some time and had now made my mind up.
The problem with having three Triumphs, but only one double garage is that one of them is parked in the open all the time and exposed to the elements. (Which there's been a lot of lately!)
Plus, I was beginning to find while I can afford to gradually improve two cars, a third car is always losing out and tends to spend more time being ignored. So, reluctantly I decided to let the Yellow beast go. It was my intention to get it driveable after its recent engine change, re-mot, get it tidied up and and then sell it. But time is short at present and this would have taken more time than I was able to commit. Luckily the purchaser made me an offer which matched the figure in my head to buy it exactly as it was, so the deal was done.

With the Yellow peril wheeled out of the garage and strapped down to the trailer, documents, beer tokens and pleasantries were exchanged and I watched as it disappeared into the distance hoping I'd done the right thing. But then, the feeling of relief  I had when I was reversing my estate into the garage knowing it wasn't going to be sitting outside in the rain anymore convinced me I had.

So, for the first time in god knows how long my beloved estate took it's rightful place in the garage under shelter................and it never bloody rained all day! C'est la vie!

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