Saturday, 12 May 2012

May 12th - The bonnet returns!

A phone call early this morning told me that my recently louvered bonnet was painted and ready for collection. Knowing that I had a lot on today, I quickly rushed out in the estate to collect it. Once home it was fitted so that I could get on with my other chore for the day. I'll post up a couple of pictures  of the bonnet as I know there's other people waiting to see it before getting theirs done. I think it looks pretty cool myself. Now that the car is complete again I can start getting some miles on her. Hopefully! I just need to t-cut and polish the rest of the car now to get the colour match back!

With this fitted my next chore (and one that I've been putting off for a few weeks to be honest) was to lay some bitumen down where the concrete panels meet the floor in the garage. The cement round the outside wasn't great at keeping the water out, so more action was needed.
This meant pulling the cars out and then emptying all racking, work benches, cupboards and cabinets of their contents so that I could move them into the middle and be able to get to the inside perimeter.
As you can see there was a fair bit to move about and once the inside was done I found that I had enough bitumen left over to do the outside of the garage as well. Some time later it was all back to normal and looking tidier than it had for some time.

By the time the garage had got back to this condition I had a car full of junk bound for the tip tomorrow and was ready to call it a day. Especially as it now 6.45pm and I was knackered!

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