Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wednesday 7th December. Not much going on!

I haven't really done much on any of the cars lately due to cold weather/general laziness/de-motivation. (delete as applicable) The 2.5 engine I took over to Carlow engineering has turned out to be a no go, so this brought about a decision to remove the fast engine out of the yellow car and put it Gertie and remove the standard 2000 engine from Gertie, put it in the yellow car, then sell it. Its getting too expensive and time consuming to run three cars so I'm going to reduce the fleet down to two. (Gertie the Mk1 saloon and CAC the Mk2 estate)
There is however, a noise on the yellow car engine that needs to be cured before fitting so Andy came round to try and give a second opinion on it. We first suspected tappets and finding two or three of them loose, we were hoping this was the problem.
 However, this didn't seem to quiet it down at all, so now the engine will just be removed and stripped down to be inspected.(Here we go again!) Work will progress on this hopefully over the Christmas period and and providing it doesn't need too much of a rebuild, will be ready for implanting in Gertie by late January or early February. (Hopefully!)

While Andy was attending to the tappets my other friend Dave (See? I do have more than one!) was looking at the interior light in the estate. Four years I've had this car and I've never had it working! Even trying to read a map the other Sunday night was done by holding an illuminated mobile phone over the page! (I know- I really should get a sat nav!)
Anyway, after a bit of fiddling about it was working again. Only for it to pack up again two minutes later! The temperature in the garage had dropped considerably by now, so it was decided to abandon the attempt and go and warm up with a cup of tea! The second attempt will take place on Saturday.

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