Saturday, 24 December 2011

Friday 23rd December. Time to finish those seats!

Due to our strange Christmas rota at work I was blessed with a rare day off today, so with the weather being a vast improvement on last weeks sub zero temperatures I decided to get the seats finished off on the estate. (It's always easier to do the seats outside of the garage, so I can get the doors fully open) As learnt before when I fitted these Alfa seats to the Mk1, the passenger seat is much easier to do as it has no height adjuster bar to remove. So, an hour or so later the passenger seat was fitted and matched up nicely to the driver side one.

After fitting the drivers seat a few weeks back, it became clear that the black leather in the front and the black cloth seats in the back would look a bit odd. (It was was fitted with 2.5S cloth seats when I bought it) So a plea for black vinyl estate seats was entered on the Triumph 2000 register forum and a text message arrived the next day from Lee Godfrey telling me of someone who had some. (Thanks Lee)
The next issue was that the seats were in Leicester. After a few days wait I managed to find deliveries for one of my trucks at work going to Birmingham, Derby, and.......Leicester! (It's handy being a transport manager!) So, the seats were collected by one of my drivers and loaded into my car on in his return.
These were fitted after the passenger seat was finished, but to be honest, the colour match is not as good as the red Alfa seats were on the Mk1. However, the vinyl does match the leather better and the 'lined' pattern matches far better than the cloth patterned ones, so they will stay for the time being.

The car is far more comfortable and definitely more 'driveable' with the new front seats and I would feel a lot more happier about making a long journey with these than the originals. Seeing as this car is also the 'Round Britain Reliability Run' backup car, that's definitely a good thing!

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