Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday December 11th. Starter Issues & seat upgrades

 For a few weeks now I've had starting issues with Gertie. The symptom's were similar to me in the mornings. (Sluggish to start, and hard to get going!) I suspected a dying battery, but trying two other batteries today didn't resolve anything. The battery cables were also changed but again this made no difference, so the starter motor was removed and will be taken to a specialist to be checked out this week. With the starter off, I tried the old trick off attaching it direct to a battery via a set of jump leads. The starter spins round ok, but it's hard to tell if it would break down when trying to turn an engine over.

After the success of fitting the Alfa Romeo 156 red leather seats in Gertie for the 10CR, I had been keeping an eye out on ebay for a set in black for the estate. As luck had it I managed to find a set for the bargain price of £41.00! Even better was one of my drivers at work passing virtually next door to the people selling them a few days later, so free collection as well!
So, after messing about with the starter on Gertie, an afternoon of drilling, grinding, filing, welding and swearing began.(the swearing was listen to spurs lose 2-1 to Stoke on the radio!)  I did the drivers seat first, as this needs a bit more modifying due to the height adjustment bar. With this bar in place, the seat would be far too high on the Triumph seat runners, so I cut this out, got the seat to the right height in the car and marked it up, then removed the seat and then welded the side pivot joints to stop them from moving. The seat can still go back and forth on the runners, but no longer has the height adjustment. (which the car never when it left the factory anyway, so it's not a big deal)
With the 'new'seat in place and the original one still on the passenger side, you can see the massive difference between the two. Work on the passenger side will resume when time permits.

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