Monday, 6 June 2011

Saturday 28th May- A new toy to play with!

Saturday morning at 9am saw my mate Paul and I off to Norfolk to collect my new car. The day I took my Yellow Mk1 for MOT, it made me realise that my real love is for the Mk1 saloon rather than the Mk2. The yellow car is lined up for a 'ten countries in five days' rally in September. However, it also still needs a fair amount of work and there's a good chance it may not be ready. So, with this a mind a 'back up' Mk1 has been purchased so that whatever happens, we will be going in a Mk1.
(This is my mate Paul who is always hungry, but he didn't have any food with him, so he had to pretend he was eating something!)

By 11am we were in Norfolk and a quick run to the post office saw us taxing the car (All free of course) and then making the journey home. It didn't go completely to plan as the car wouldn't start again once we had stopped for petrol. This tuned out to be the choke stuck open and the car permanently flooding. Once closed, it ran perfect and we were on our way. A trouble free run home and we were back by mid afternoon.

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