Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday 22nd May. Washing and Polishing!

No real major work to do this weekend, (well there was a bit, but I couldn't be bothered!) so I was just faffing around in the garage really. I had to change the tyres on the front of the rally car ready for the Scottish rally in a few weeks, but that was all really.

Saturday evening I decided to give the estate a good wash, which looked good until the poxy blossom tree shed its load all over it on Sunday in the strong winds!

Sunday afternoon was spent T cutting and polishing up the race car. I haven't done this since I've owned the car, and where it was off the road for so long and used as a table/workbench all manor of oils, fluids, grinding dust, welding gas, tea, coffee and bovril (in the winter) had been spilt on it!  
This took some time to do, but seeing as I was listening to the last day of the premiership on the radio and listening to the excitement of five teams trying to avoid the relegation from the league, the time seemed to fly by. By the full time whistle (of the football) the car looked quite good. Shame its not all one colour!

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