Wednesday, 15 June 2011

June 11th & 12th- Mk1 saloon improvement programme!

The weekend after the International Autoecosse felt a bit flat. Only 7 days before I was bombing around Scotland, having a beer and having a great laugh with like minded Triumph obsessives and now........nothing!
    I had plenty of improvement work to do on both of my Mk1 saloons so I decided to get on with that rather than mope about all day dreaming about the weekend before.
I had found someone to repair the two front doors on the yellow Mk1. The old doors had all the rusty metal cut out and had some fresh metal welded in. The guy did a really good job and I was very pleased with them. Although the car is now starting to gain more colours, it is also starting to show less rust and rot, so good progress is being made. Once all the body work is done and the last piece of rust has gone, paint preparation will begin.
With the arrival of 'Gertie', my 1968 Mk1 saloon, I'd already decided that the first upgrade would be power steering. At present, the steering doesn't feel too bad, but then it still has its standard 16" steering wheel and skinny wheels and tyres. With this being a 'back up' car for the events, I want to fit a smaller 14" steering wheel and 6" wide TR6 steel wheels with fat tyres. Without power steering these alterations will make the steering very heavy indeed.
Other items on the shopping list are lowered suspension, rear gas shock absorbers and the obligatory noisy exhaust. Work continues!

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