Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday 15th May.

I spent most of Saturday trying to undo a seized and rounded off oil filler plug on the gearbox in the hope that I could top up the gearbox and resolve the overdrive issues. (Sometimes, the gearbox being low on oil stops the overdrive from switching in) Anyway, eventually I managed to get said oil filler plug undone, topped up the gearbox oil and took the car for a test drive.'s still didn't bloody work! I was now running out of time as I was going out, so it was left knowing that Dave was coming round the next day.

Once again, the inhibitor switch, solenoid, wiring and contacts were checked and double checked again and found to be all ok. It was only when we pulled over on a test drive and heard the relay under the bonnet clicking ten to the dozen that we realised the problem wasn't where we had been looking. A return to the garage saw replacement of the offending relay and yet another test drive took place, only this time a successful one! The overdrive is now fully working with no issues. About bleedin' time!

With the overdrive finally sorted Dave turned his attention to getting the spotlights working and fitting relays as well to reduce the load on the switch. The spotlights wasn't wired in when I bought the car and with all the other work going on haven't been a priority to be honest. However, with the time slowly creeping forward to the big rally in September, it was decided to get them done.
(Not sure if Dave's pleased with the work he's done in this shot or that he's now finished and can go home.)

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