Saturday, 15 January 2011

January 10th 2011. Tow bar wiring!

Monday night saw 'Co-Driver' Dave come round to help with the wiring of the electrics for the tow bar. I'm crap at wiring, but brilliant at burning it out, shorting it out, blowing it up, or making it catch fire! (Normally all of those four actually, but not neccessarily in that order!)
It was quite a good night actually. With the job in hand being wiring and therefore me being relegated to tea making duties, Dave proceded to get on with the job while I just annoyed him by taking the piss and making sure I was in his immediate vicinity while producing vile smelling farts.

Dave tried getting own back by taking the piss out of the size of the hole in the boot floor of 'Yellow'. Admittedly I have cut a lot of metal out to try and eradicate the rust, but the hole did get bigger as I found more rust.
I might just leave it as it is though and just get Dave to take up the above position for when we get stuck in the mud on a rally, or just get him to push the car while he's in there and therefore save on fuel.

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