Sunday, 5 September 2010

A racing noise to go with the racing looks!

After competing in the Club Triumph autosolo, we watched a DVD of the event. (Dave and I took turns to film each other as we were blasting round!)
The car looked really good being put through its paces, but what did stand out was the lack of noise! So as soon as they were in stock, a full sport stainless exhaust system was ordered from Chris Witor and I waited impatiently for it to arrive!

The exhaust was fitted on a Saturday morning and sounded great! It stayed on the car for all of a week, before it had to come off again when I discovered that I had a knackered universal joint on the propshaft and I couldn't get the prop off without removing the bloody exhaust! Grrrrr!
So now I'm going to have the propshaft balanced as well. I'm not risking putting the prop back on, and find that it vibrates because of the new UJ's and have to take that and the exhaust off again!!! Once the propshaft goes back on, and the exhaust, I don't want to have to take it off again!

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