Sunday, 22 August 2010

22nd August.2010. A bit of comfort!!!!

Since I've owned the Rally car, it's never had a carpet in it. It's never bothered me to be honest. (mainly because if it hasn't got a carpet, it never needs to be hoovered!)  However, due to the impending 2000 mile run coming up  and the fact that we'll be living in the car for more than 48 hours, I thought that a bit of comfort might be in order!
There was also another reason though. Currently on order is a 'full sport' exhaust system. this system only has one back box at the rear and is significantly louder than a standard one. With this in mind the thought of the new mega-decibel exhaust resonating through the car while one of us is trying to sleep was slightly off putting.
hence the reason for the fitting of the sound proofing and carpet that I now have to hoover! (Occasionally.......Ok rarely then!)

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