Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wednesday May 29th. Engine removal.

After Mondays ordeal of removing the cylinder head and finding several waterways blocked in the head and the block, I decided to take things a stage further and remove the rest of the engine. I figured I had three good reasons for removing the engine anyway.
Firstly, looking at how the engine block sits in the car, it tilts backwards towards the bulkhead so a lot of the silt and crap will no doubt run back towards the rear core plug and the drain plug. So with the engine removed I’ll be able to remove these and hopefully liberate a lot of the dirt.
Secondly, I was also conscious of how much of the caked, burnt solid engine oil dropped into the sump when the head was removed, so with the engine out I will also be able to remove the sump, clean it all out and inspect the oil pump filter while I am at it.
Thirdly, the clutch biting point is lower then I’d prefer on this car and I’ve already got it adjusted as much as I can. So it could possibly need a clutch shortly too.
All these things considered, it made sense to remove it. Gavin was coming round on the way to the CT club meet in Woodham Mortimer, so he kindly agreed to help me guide the engine out of the car while I worked the engine crane. I started removing everything when I got home from work and by the time Gavin had arrived it was almost ready to come out.
Within half hour of Gavin arriving the bonnet had been removed and the engine was out and on the floor next to the car. Good work!

The next move was off to the pub for a couple of pints and a nice meal. Quite a successful evening!

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