Saturday, 4 August 2012

August 4th- RBRR Preparations?

At present Gertie's engine still hasn't been righted or returned, so preparation work continues on RBRR back up car CAC.
There was a couple of issues I wanted to try and resolve this weekend, The main one being the tracking. This was done by one of these tyre service centres a few months ago, but it didn't seem to make a great deal of difference. So, I returned it to them today and after a short inspection, they referred me to somewhere that did four wheel alignment. (Free of charge) They had a play with it and adjusted it until it was reading correctly on their machine gadget thingy.
It felt better but sill didn't seem quite right. To be honest it hasn't driven completely straight since I had the steering rack reconditioned, so maybe I need to look in that area again. I'm also not sure if I'm imagining that it seems to lean over to the nearside when I'm driving it, so I may change the front springs as well to eliminate that. (When my mate brings my spring clamps back that is!)

The other job I wanted look at was the rear UJ's on the inner drive shafts. The outer part of the drive shafts have new UJ's and new wheel bearings, so they weren't an issue.
I'd also noticed recently a scuffing type noise when driving and a clonking when pulling away occasionally. Thinking the scuffing noise was possibly a dry bearing in the diff input shafts I removed these as well, but these appeared to be good.
While inspecting the yokes that the UJ's sit in I found that one of them appeared to have gone seriously oval shaped!

Hopefully this will turn out to be the reason for the 'clonking' that I can feel occasionally when I  lift the clutch pedal a little too sharply! Luckily I had a good spare in the parts bin, so this was replaced.

With the new UJ's installed and everything replaced I bolted everything back together.....and then found my 'scuffing' noise. For some reason one of the brake shoes is catching on the brake drum, but only in one particular place. However, close of play was now on me so I retired for the night and will add the brake shoe issue to my rising list of jobs to be done before October!

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