Saturday, 11 August 2012

August 10th- A long but successful day.

A phone call to Carlow engineering on Tuesday revealed that my engine was going to be finished on Wednesday and ready for collection. I had already committed myself to collecting another 2.5 engine on Wednesday that I had won on ebay, so I made arrangements to collect it on Thursday instead. (As I found out the hard way, you never know when you will need a spare engine!)
With my original engine collected, I then went down to NE Classics in Hordon to purchase a new spigot bearing as my one was a bit worn.
I had booked the Friday off of work and Dave Maton came up to give me a hand with proceedings. Not only with the engine, but also to help change the gearbox on the estate. The J type on the estate was showing signs of wear and the gear change had been getting quite stiff and notchy when warm. If Gertie isn't ready for the RBRR and we have to use this car, the last thing I want is a stiff gear change for 2000 miles!
I made a start at about 7.30 by disconnecting the battery and removing the gearstick and Dave arrived at about 8am. By 10.15 the gearbox was out and on the floor and all was looking good. The gearbox going back in was an A Type gearbox, so a few minor changes such as the gearbox mount, speedo cable and the floor studs brackets had to be made before refitting. (It also needed a relay fitted for the electrics, but my other mate Dave was coming round later to do that as I have no understanding of anything electrical!) We also had to move the exhaust as the A type sits higher up than the J type.

With this done the next job on the agenda was fitting new brake pads on the rear of Dave's Volvo estate. This only being a one man job was carried out by Dave while I took charge of the Food and drinks. This was probably the hottest Day of the year so far so the Pepsi Max and cold drinks consumption levels were quite high. (Especially as Dave doesn't drink hot drinks either!)
With the brakes done we turned our attention to Gertie. This was only going to be a quick install as I am still waiting for new cam followers to arrive, so there isn't much I can do until I get them.
The refit was quite straight forward with the only annoying thing being one of the brand new engine mounts breaking as soon as a bit of weight was put on it. Not impressed!
(Davemate assists with the refit)

While Dave and I were messing about with the refit, the other Dave arrived to sort out the relay and electrics for the other car. Tea was made for the new Dave and the last of the Pepsi Max was given, then spilt over Davemate and also over the other Dave's four day old phone. I am a clumsy git at times. :-)
(The two Dave's at work)

By now, time was getting on and Davemate made tracks back to Hertfordshire. The other Dave stayed and continued with the wiring and by the time it was all up and working and looking pretty it was gone 9.30pm. So, a long day, but a good day. A test drive in the estate revealed that the gearbox and overdrive work fine, but the exhaust will need adjusting as it's knocking on the rear cross member. Hopefully, the cam followers for Gertie will arrive soon and if I can some early nights away from work, then she should be up and running again soon. 

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