Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February 1st. A bit of a bargain!

While trying to find motivation to go out to the garage Sunday last, I was trawling through eBay when something caught my eye. It had only been listed that minute and had a 'buy it now' option. So without delay I hit the buy it now button and paid for the item immediately. The said item arrived in the post today and to my pleasure, it looked as good as advertised. The object of my affection? A Mk1 2.5pi steering wheel. Those in the know are aware that these are quite a rare item now with even reasonable examples fetching over £100.

Being the impatient type I am and ignoring the sub-zero temperatures I went straight out to the garage after work and removed the 14"Motolita steering wheel that was on the car and fitted the PI wheel. I think it's a vast improvement over the Motolita and suits the car better, so i think I'll stick with it. Oh yes, and the 'buy it now ' price that made me hit the purchase button so quickly??????  A bargain ten pounds!  

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