Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tuesday 22nd November- Bleeding the bleedin' clutch!

        A delivery at work today saw the arrival of the Clutch master cylinder kit that I had purchased from eBay on Sunday. So, once home from work the master cylinder was stripped down, cleaned and the new rubber seals and washers were carefully fitted. The master cylinder was then reassembled and fitted in readiness for my mate Andy to arrive and help me bleed the clutch. (Definitely a two man operation!)
      Andy arrived and we got to work straight away, but as usual, it wasn't playing ball. Triumph clutches are notoriously bad for bleeding and can sometimes take some time to get all the air out of the system. About half hour and god knows how many attempts later, we were still nowhere, so we decided to opt for a power bleed with an air powered bleeding tool that I have. This sucks the fluid through the system at high pressure rather than pump it through with normal bleeding. So I switched the compressor on and we decided to go and have a cup of tea and warm up while the compressor built up enough air. 

 Once sufficiently warmed we again continued with the bleeding process. With the high pressure tool being used we were now getting  a firmer pedal but still not enough to even get the car in gear. A few more attempts and it was getting better, but there was still one large air bubble in the clutch hydraulic pipe that just didn't seem to want to budge! In the end we went back to the manual way but this time with me holding onto the steering wheel and pumping the clutch pedal as fast and as hard as I could, so much so that I nearly bent the steering wheel! I was pumping flat out while Andy was shouting from underneath 'yeah, go on! faster, faster, yeah! (God knows what the neighbours thought!!!!!)
Anyway, this seemed to budge the last bit of air and now we had a good pedal and were able to get all gears. I've not had a chance to test drive the car yet, but I have to collect more tyres on Friday (for the Yellow Peril) so I will see how she performs then.

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