Thursday, 29 July 2010

A day at the Seaside!!

Sunday 25th July 2010 saw a rare day away from working on Triumphs when I was asked to navigate in a 'London to Southend' Classic car run. The car I was to navigate in was a 1972 Ford Consul GT owned by my good friend Andy. (The car was owned by me until a few years ago, so I know it well)
The day started off at Fairlop waters near Hainault at around 9am, where we proceeded to take all of the 'scenic' roads up to the half way point at Basildon. Once there there we were provided parking in the town square where everyone was free to do as they pleased for an hour or so. We decided to go for a McDonalds breakfast and steal some crayons from the children's play area as being the top class navigator that I am, I'd forgotten to bring any pens or pencils! (or maps!)
The second part of the run took us once again through the back routes of Billericay, Hanningfield, Gt Wakering, and finally Southend.
Arrival at Southend found us being led into a closed off section of the car park and main road at Westcliffe where the cars parked up and occupants enjoyed a stroll along the sea front. There was also a few stalls and a DJ as well to keep the crowds entertained.
The weather was beautiful and it was a good day out with a nice relaxed atmosphere, some lovely cars and good company. I'm looking forward to doing it again next year. Although hopefully in a Triumph!     

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