Monday, 13 July 2020

5th July. A few problems.....

Another Sunday morning run, this time with Colin Wake in his TR6 and Dave Maton in his Mk1 Saloon. (Gavin had the diff removed from his car so couldn't make it)
The meeting place was Howe Green (Just outside Chelmsford) for 9am and once again it was a beautiful summers day. 
I had brought Gertie2 this time as this will be my weapon of choice for the (Hopefully) impending Round Britain Reliability Run. 

The plan this morning was to drive up through Bicknacre, South Woodham, Latchingdon and out towards Bradwell, only some idiot went the wrong way at Bicknacre (me!) and we ended up at Howe Green again! With the proper route selected, we tried again and this time got it right. 
Our patriotic Red, White and Blue convoy stopped just before Bradwell and decided there were too many motorbikes about for our liking (Why do they all ride like such twats on country roads?) and headed towards Burnham On Crouch. 
We then found the road to Burnham on Crouch closed, so ended up on the back roads towards Steeple. This was just as well really as Gertie2 decided to break down with fuelling issues. We did manage to get her going again, but only for a few hundred yards. We soon identified that the fuel tank was blocked at the outlet, but no amount of blowing down the fuel line could clear it.
Luckily, a good mate of mine only lived about a mile and a half away and he came out and towed me back to his place in his 7 series BMW. 
Once at his house we used to his compressor to blow down the fuel line which soon cleared the blockage. I then put a bit more petrol in to dilute the debris somewhat and luckily managed to get all the way home without any further breakdowns. (Good old Dave Maton followed me back as well just to make sure I got there)
On the Monday morning before work, I removed the fuel tank and was horrified at what was in there. I know this car spent 20 years without moving, but I've also completed two very long mileage runs in it since then so it was quite strange that it should choose now to block up. 
Lot's and lot's of rust has obviously come loose since I've been using the car and this was evidently the problem. 
I'm glad really that this problem has surfaced now, so that I have plenty of time to do something about it. If this had happened on the way to, or even on the Round Britain event there would be no quick fix and it would have been game over, so it's a blessing in disguise really. 
I have managed to source another good fuel tank which will be fitted when I have it in my possession. In the mean time, it will give me time to address another couple of niggles that I noticed on the run. 

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