Monday, 5 August 2019

July 27th. Visit to HarveyTune HQ

Following the trip to Wales it had come become evident that the differential in the Pi wasn't quite right. So, after arranging for repairs and adjustments to be carried out, the offending item was removed from the car and plans were made to drop it off at Dave Harvey's place in Derby where he would then take it to where it was being repaired on Monday
A very rainy Saturday morning saw me leaving Leigh On Sea at 5.30am to head for the M1 and up to Derby. The rain was continuous, although it did manage to ease off by the time I stopped at the Watford Gap services. 
The roads were clear and I made good time up to Derby. Too good actually as I didn't want to arrive at Dave's too early, so stopped for a coffee at Derby services to kill some time. 
On arrival at Dave's more coffee and sausage cobs were on the agenda and soon after Adrian Hadfield arrived to start preparing Dave's car for its impending accident damage repairs. Adrian's work is top class and it's good to watch a real expert at work. 
Before long the rain started again and it now looked like it was here for the duration. Around 2pm I decided to make tracks and head for home. Sure enough, the rain was indeed here for the day and I never turned the wipers off all the way home. The traffic was kind though and I arrived home around 5pm having covered 310 miles round trip. 
The car ran well, although seems to be running hotter than I would prefer. Further investigations will be required. 

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