Saturday, 1 March 2014

Back in the fold!

Due to other commitments (Details to be revealed soon) I've not really had the time to do anything much car related recently hence the blog being quite.... erm.....quiet.
I've managed to fit in a couple of local rallies which resulted in finishing in 2nd from last place both times, so not a good start to the year.
Last night was the Chelmsford Motor Club 'Tendring Classic', so it was time to try and improve on my dismal performance. Ellis Stokes was recruited as navigator for the night but as with the previous two rallies, the rain appeared on Friday morning and stayed! I took the car to work so I could get away sharpish and head straight up the dreaded A12 towards Ipswich. (Never good on any night let alone Friday)

After a long day at work, a long drive up to Ardleigh in Suffolk followed where the rally was to start from. The rain still hadn't stopped and you couldn't help feeling that you'd have been better off with a boat!

With our start time due we were handed the clues and Ellis set about plotting. The CMC rallies are timed events and very strictly adhere to as well. It was Ellis's first CMC timed event so we were entered in the 'beginners' class. This class allows you fifteen minutes to plot as much of the route as you can before your 'departure' time. However, given the length of the route, you really don't get much plotting done. 
eight long sections on the agenda along with rain, mud, potholes, puddles and some fords thrown in just for good measure. 

(Ellis Plotting-and my finger in the way of the lens!)

Our departure time from TC0 (Time control zero) was 20.01 and we finally arrived back at the last time control at 10.55. Probably one of the longest CMC night rallies I've ever done. The results were announced and we had come 1st in class and 6th overall. A good night and a good result too. Ellis even enjoyed himself and has vowed to do more in the future. 
Gertie performed well and caused us no problems, which is just as well as she is off to Holland next weekend for the Club Triumph Holland 'Chinese Rally'.

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