Monday, 11 November 2013

Wednesday 30th October. Gertie goes modern!

A rush home from work saw me in the garage at 17.35 and awaiting the arrival of Colin Wake. (Scrapman on the CT forum)  The reason for Colin's visit was to assist in the fitting and tuning of my 1-2-3 Performance and programmable distributor.
Colin is a bit of a whizz in anything IT and tuning and advance curves and all manner of stuff that I don't really understand.
So the plan was to fit the new dizzy and then take the car to the CT Essex meet and have a play while on route.
(Colin making some notes before installation & tuning)
With the dizzy fitted we then attempted to start the car and to our surprise it fired and ran straight away. So with the USB lead connected between the dizzy and the laptop via the bonnet and the quarter light window, we set off for the meet.

It's quite a strange thing to be driving a 1968 car while someone sits next to you with a laptop tuning it. We tried different curves, some which made the car pretty damn quick and others that made the car pink like mad and run slow. The main difference I noticed was how much smoother the car was on pull away. There was no hesitation at all. There's still a bit more experimenting to do, but a good pub dinner was calling. I'm looking forward to another  tuning session when time allows. 

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  1. Hi Steve,
    Hope all good with you and the house hunting is going well.
    I'm nearing the final stages of my Mk1 project and the ignition system is part of that final process. I run the 123 system(not programable) in my TR5 and it has been v reliable. Could you let me know how yours is bedding in and where you got it from,
    cheers for now,