Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sunday September 22nd. More welding!

With Gertie now finally back on her wheels again I was able to bring her out of the garage and strip the interior out so I could get to the floor by the handbrake. Luckily it was a dry day with no sign of rain, so pretty soon all the seats and carpet etc had been removed to allow access to the floor.
Once the carpet was removed it appeared that the cracked floor was far worse than I first thought. (Isn't it always?) I have to admit though, the handbrake lever had never felt loose, this was just something I had spotted from underneath when removing the propshaft. It also made me wonder how many other big saloons are driving round with the same issue without realising it.
With the offending area cleaned up and welded the handbrake lever was reattached and all the interior refitted. I really could do with a new carpet that will have to wait until I find out who makes the best ones for a Mk1. I also want to fit black one instead of red. (Red gets dirty to easily)
After this I had to remove the exhaust I had fitted the day before so I could refit the propshaft, then I reattached both of the handbrake cable and then the exhaust. again.
With all of this done it was time for the big start up, so the HT lead was removed and the engine cranked until the oil light went out. (She has been off the road for six weeks now so I thought it best to get the oil pressure up) With the lead reattached she started, but seemed to be only running on one carb. I removed the float chamber lid on the rear carb and fiddled with the float and then she seemed better. However, the test drive was cut short when she went back to running on one carb again. The clutch pedal also seemed a tad funny as if air had got in the system while it's been off the road. The joys of old cars eh? By now it was getting late so I called it a day and decided to leave these jobs until I could give them more time next weekend. At least she's back on the road though, so I was quite happy with that. 

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