Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Friday 7th June. Engine back in.

Not much to report really. The engine has been returned to the Red Shed but with a new clutch plate and pressure plate (Free of charge courtesy of Matt George-fellow RBRR competitor and deputy editor of Classics Monthly)  and release bearing. It also now has a PI cam installed so that should 'up the power' a bit.
I've also fitted an oil cooler to aid the damn good thrashing it's lined up for.
The reason that not much else has been done is that I still haven't got the head back yet. It's had to go into the acid dip three times because it was so clogged up! The guys at Specialised engines think that the engine must have had a water leak in the past that was never dealt with properly. They think that the head was blocked up with years and years of Radweld etc. Not knowing much of the cars history, who knows?
Hopefully the head should be back with me by Friday 14th June, so I can get on with getting this bloody thing on the road!

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