Sunday, 13 January 2013

January 13th- Essex Winter Rally.

     Another early start today and despite the weather warnings the snow hadn't yet made an appearance. A leisurely drive up the A12 saw us arrive in plenty of time for the start. Pretty soon all the other crews and Marshall's had arrived and the pub had opened as well so it was coffee and bacon sandwiches all round.
     With the map plotted it was time to make tracks. Section one and two wasn't too bad and we felt that we'd done quite well. Section three was a bit trickier and some of the roads were quite good while others were more suited to a Russian tractor!

We struggled with the clues on section four and spent far too much time plotting the route. Because of this we decided to miss off the last loop of the route so that we could get to the finish by the cut off time of 13.45. We figured that there would probably only be one code board on the last loop anyway, but we could pick up more fails than that by arriving late at the last control. This turned out to be a good move. (Especially as I was getting very low on petrol as well!)
      We waited nervously as Mike Banks totalled up the results and then read them out. He does this in reverse order and just recently we haven't had to wait that long to hear our names called out because we've been that crap! However, this time was different. In fact by the time he was up to fourth place and we still hadn't heard our names called I said to Dave "Have you even handed our papers in?"
     It turned out we had done better than we thought and came second overall and won our class. A very good result and a great day out then! :) 


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