Saturday, 22 September 2012

Saturday 22nd September-Final pieces before the RBRR

With Gertie's engine now over 600 odd miles since it's second rebuild, I thought it was time to re-torque the cylinder head and set the valve clearances again. I also decided to change the rocker shaft as no matter how many times I set the tappets, they are still noisy as hell.
The car gives a beautiful roar from the back, but sounds like a singer sewing machine from the front!
Anyway, with all this done the car does seem quieter I have to say. - but I think the workshop manual needs an oil change!
With this job out of the way, I started on the rear suspension. Last weekend's trip to Coventry with loads of gearboxes and cylinder heads and stuff in the boot saw Gertie sitting quite low at the back. So with all the spares and tools we're going to be carrying on the RBRR (Not to mention our third man from across the sea as well) I thought she needed some help.
I'd managed to borrow a set of estate springs to raise the ride height somewhat, but since borrowing these have also been lent a set of coilover shock absorbers. (See below)
As you can also see from the above pic, the estate springs are massively higher than Gertie's lowered fast road springs. Now I know I don't want her dragging her undercarriage along the ground, but I also don't want her looking like she's just about to go for a tear down the strip at Santa Pod either, so I think I've reached a compromise.
I've left Gertie's lowered springs in but with the coil over shocks fitted instead of the standard ones. The springs still sit in place well and the back of the car doesn't sit down low even with all the tools and spares in the boot. Dave and I have a third man coming to the driver's meeting with us tomorrow, so that will be a good test. If it doesn't work out, I can always fit the estate springs before the event.
With my jobs all done, fellow big saloon owner Steve (First GT6 on the forum) came round so that we could grease the driveshafts on his Mk2 saloon. It was a straight forward job and only took around an hour. We pumped some grease into the propshaft UJ's as well while we were at it.
I'm looking forward to the driver's meeting tomorrow, and starting to get a buzz now for the RBRR. The reality of it all is sinking in with it now being less than 2 weeks away. Can't wait!


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