Tuesday, 5 June 2012

May 30th & 31st. Last minute tune up and repairs!

Wednesday 30th.

I took the car to Dave Picton's today to see if he could do anything with the twin SU carbs that were running far too rich.  Dave's Mk1 saloon is a very similar spec to mine engine wise, so he was able to do a few comparisons against his. Leaning the carbs off just resulted in it refusing to rev at all, so it was decided to tune as best as possible and order new needles to be fitted when I return from the Scottish rally.

Thursday 31st

Before the rally I decided to change Gertie's thermostat to a cooler running one. The weather had been hot this week and the forecast for Scotland was hot as well.
As in keeping with the pattern for this week, nothing went smooth and both bolts in the thermostat housing sheered off!
This now meant changing the water pump housing as well. Luckily I had one in stock, so this was cleaned up and duly fitted. The next issue was trying to undo the water piper that exits the rear of the water housing and runs along side the block. This was also corroded solid and took some freeing off. Eventually, by late afternoon all was done and back together and it was time to pack the tools, spares, maps and clothes to get ready for the off on Friday morning. What a day!

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