Sunday, 22 April 2012

April 21st. Almost there!

A new contract at work meaning plenty of late nights and weekends has taken my focus off of Gertie somewhat over the past few weeks, so I haven't done as much as I hoped I would.
I was never going to rush it anyway as I didn't want to end up missing things or doing them twice over, plus there were certain modifications to do as well.
One of these things was the throttle set up. Gertie was on her original 'rod and linkage set up' for the stromberg carbs, whereas the new engine has twin SU's that are operated by cable. This means changing the actual pedal itself, buying an adptor plate and having to drill three holes in the bulk head to mount it all. (Two for the pedal, one for the cable)
The bolts have to be screwed into the pedal mount from the engine bay side and given the location, in the dip behind the inner wing and next to the servo, there's isn't a lot of room. (Especially with big clumsy sausage fingers like mine!)

The next modification was going away from a manual fuel pump to a facet electric item. With the other mods there isn't a great deal of room under the bonnet so I was a bit limited as to where I could mount it. I did think about mounting it in the boot, but with all the spares and tools I carry on rallies, I thought it would be at risk of being dislodged. In the end I decided on the inner wing on the passenger side and will just make sure that all of the wiring near it is tidied up and kept away from it. The main wiring that was there was for the starter solenoid, but the car now has a hi-torque pre-engaged one, so the original solenoid has been removed.
An oil cooler system with temperature sender and gauge have been fitted and also an oil pressure gauge kit as well. These two gauages have been mounted in the centre console area (temporarily) along with the stereo which was previously mounted on the parcel shelf on the passenger side! (Not practical at all!) 

Working on the car four nights after work this week has seen a fair bit completed. My navigator and mate Dave is coming round tomorrow to sort out some electrickery for me and after that, there's not much left to do. As soon as Gertie is finished, I can get the yellow car up and  as well, renew the MOT and put her on the dreaded Ebay. The start price will be high enough to hopefully keep the banger drivers away from wanting the car for the 'All Triumph' banger meeting in the summer. (I've nothing against banger racers, I just don't want the car to go down this route!)
Hopefully, it wont be long before Gertie is up and running again and I can start getting the new eingine run in ready for the International Auto Eccosse (Scottish Rally) at the end of May.

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