Sunday, 14 November 2010

November 14th 2010. Green's off the road again!

After fitting the new speedo cable to Green on Friday night, my eye caught the gearbox mount and where it bolts through floor. I thought to myself  'What the f***-  I mean, 'that doesn't look right'.
The car was booked for an appointment with a friend (and Triumph guru) on Saturday to sort out its ignition problems, so the gearbox mount would have to wait until Sunday for further inspection.
After melting off all the underseal which included smoking out the inside of the car and garage and setting light to my scraper, overalls and hair, I could finally see the extent of the damage.
To be fair, its not too bad, just awkward to get to. The surface was rubbed down and left to soak in Genolite rust remover. Welding will commence after I've had a bit more practice and feel confident enough to do it.

With this area treated and left, I started work on the rest of the car. The first real long test drive on Saturday had revealed a vibration at 55-60 mph (possibly propshaft) and 'clunking' noise from the rear, (one of the four UJ's worn) and a leaky differential.
Both driveshafts were removed, along with the propshaft, and the differential. As it stands at the moment, the replacement diff is has been fitted and the propshaft and driveshafts are on the workbench ready for fitment of new UJ's. All in all a very good days work.

Driving this car home from Colchester was great on Saturday after it's tune up and with its 2.5 engine and HS6 twin SU carburettors it just made me think that I need this kind of power (and a bit more) in the Rally car.  I have a lot of the parts to make a good 2.5 engine apart form the 2.5 engine block itself! Time to look on ebay methinks!

Green now resting on axle stands alongside Yellow.

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