Thursday, 7 October 2010

6th October 2010-CAC is alive!!!!!

I've been off work this week on annual leave and I had already decided that I need to get CAC (763J) drivable again! This car was on the road until Christmas 2009 when it decided to overheat big time and sieze its engine on the way home from the Club Triumph Essex Christmas meal. It nearly made it home, but siezed about 200 yards from my house. So the girlfriend at that time and I pushed it the rest of the way and into my garden. (She wasn't impressed in her high heels and party dress!) The car started again the next day after it had cooled down, but serious damage had been done by then and all sorts of clatters and rattles were coming from the engine!
Due to other projects (Building a double garage) and lack of funds, the car was then parked up for a while until the garage and other stuff was out of the way.
The first weekend after Easter, the garage was up and the estate was reversed in and work started pulling the engine and geabox out. I had decided to convert the car to manual overdrive while it was having major surgery, (I dont like auto's) so the parts list was drawn up and all the required bits were gathered. I got to the stage where I had put another engine & gearbox in, but then for some reason, I lost all motivation on all of my cars for a few months and did nothing at all. Then though, the realisation set in that I had to prepare the rally car for the Round Britain Reliability Run, so once again, the estate was put on the back burner.
However, now that the RBRR is over, work has re-commenced. All the ignition issues were resolved yesterday, (although I'm still not happy with the electronic ignition and might go back to having points) and today the clutch was bled and made good. I still have lots of interior bits to put back in and I cant bloody find the new speedo cable I ordered for it, but its running and it actually moved under its own power for the first time since Easter! As a treat for it I thought I'd drive it out of the garage and give it a wash! It now looks like a car again rather than a workbench!        Work will continue tomorrow! :-)

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